Dareck Mckay’s CD “Mother”, blends together compelling acoustic guitar, soft heartfelt lyrics and an alternative rock style. Dareck has always considered music as therapy and the raw emotion behind his songs really shows this.

  Dareck Mckay was born on October 6, 1988 in Winnipeg, Manitoba. He was born the youngest of 2 siblings; Dean and Jhanine. Shortly after Dareck was born, he and his family decided to move to Ladner, B.C where he found his new home. Dareck always had a love for music, whether it be rocking out with his dad as a toddler or headbanging on stage with bandmates.

  Dareck and three close friends decided to form a metal band in high school called Stitched in Silence and before they knew it they were touring all around Canada and some of the Western states in a small van at the age of 16. They played anywhere willing to have them, roller rinks, halls, bars etc. Playing bass in the band took Dareck away from his passion of the acoustic guitar so in 2007 he decided to part ways with the band and get back to what he truly loved. 

 Soon after, in 2008, Dareck’s mother lost a hard battle with lung and brain cancer. Consumed with emotion, and so much he needed to get off his chest he decided to put words behind the songs he had written and he found himself becoming more and more vulnerable with the lyrics he put behind his songs. Dareck never considered singing his strong suit, but found it hard to find a committed vocalist so he went forward, taking matters into his own hands, and gave it his all. 

 Dareck then travelled to Nanaimo, BC in April 2017, where he recorded his first EP “Mother” with Cory Woodward of Lion Bear Fox. Dareck will slowly be releasing each song one by one before releasing his full CD. There are many exciting and touching moments throughout this release that you will not want to miss out on. Dareck Mckay’s music is fueled by life experiences, passion and the journey of being the best version of himself.